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About Us

Al Taher Chemicals Trading L.L.C (ATC) is a company engaged in marketing and importing of products related to chemical industry. We are a medium sized family owned company taking forward the successful legacy of our sister concern- Abdul Hussain Ghulam Hussain and Sons which is a 125 year old Indian business group involved in efficient trading of basic chemicals, herbal formulations, metal refining products and pesticides. Established in United Arab Emirates, ATC is not just known for its fine delivery of chemical products but also for its amiable relationship with the customers. Dealing in a wide range of chemical solutions, our company takes pride in delivering diversified products to various industries which include defence, aviation, marine maintenance, heavy machine maintenance, fasteners’ manufacturers and telecommunication. In association with renowned brands like Atotech, Eisenblater, ilve, Karbosan, Lafonte, RTP, the team is headed by Dr. Qutubuddin Saify, a well known name in GCC metal finishing industry. Our company has proven to be the most diligent supplier of Customized solutions in electroplating, metal finishing and metal colouring. The USP of Al-Taher chemicals are its fast delivery of sustainable products which has helped us build a large and loyal client base in this industry.


We at AL Taher chemicals stringently believe in aligning our business strategies with perfection and unparalleled performance. Investing in people and inventive technologies is what we stand for. Our societal responsibility as a company of revered professionals enables us to serve high tech commitment to our clients. Extending products to diligently meet the versatile industry requirements, we facilitate 360 degree support and cooperation through direct communication and effective interaction with our customers. Updated quality and affordability in products and services is the legacy that we strive to take ahead.


Dealing with us, ethics will always be prioritised for we understand and sincerely take into account the values of transparency, morality and truthful business strategies. Our team is a accumulation of environmentally concerned professionals that take ahead all possible steps towards its conservative development by supplying environment friendly products. Our services and solutions are all in one and always support the elevation of morality while being concerned with comprehensive and conducive development of the society in multiple segments. We take pride in committed proficiency being our mission and layout for the services that we extend to our clients. We aim at ensuring Comprehensive solutions to every new technological requirement that comes our way.


With over 20 years of in-depth experience, ATC delivers cost effective & efficient solutions and can be your ideal partner for all your metal coating and finishing requirements.