Polishing Machines

Polishing Machines

Polishing Machines

Polishing machines are one of the key types of equipment essential for doing buffing or polishing. The machine is also referred to as a buffing machine. It is mainly used to polish hard metals like copper and brass. It is also adopted for polishing plastics like the Perspex. The machine consists of two mops amidst which the material to be polished is carefully pressed and the mop moves forward and backward to polish it. Before putting the material in the polishing machine, it is required to be filed for facilitating scratch removal to smooth the surface as only then the material can be polished.
Quality polishing machine for a glossy finish

Polishing Machines

Functional Metal Plating helps in effective prevention of corrosion that enhances and upgrades the conventional methods of coating. These elements are bonded together by the inorganic matrix. This metal plating has influenced and made workings better in the field of engineering practice. Functional metal plating is a thin film being applied to various metals. It is usually liquid and gets dried up easily. Functional Metal plating is aimed at corrosion resistance through inorganic mode.
Quality polishing machine for a glossy finish
Poly Ptx 802 HT Basic Set Polishing Machine


1.Extremely powerful, durable motor of 1,750 W with a sophisticated planetary gear for maximum power transmission and torque (high torque) throughout the speed range, 820-3,000 rpm with a tacho-generator for constant speed, even under load – made entirely in Germany.
2. The new DUST PREVENT SYSTEM effectively protects the interior of the motor from swarf and metal particles without impairing the cooling ventilation.
3. New, especially ergonomic grip for optimal grinding roller handling.
4. Removes weld seams, deep scratches, rust, dirt, paint, and oxide layers.
5. 19 mm stainless steel drive shaft with double splines across the entire length of the spindle for grinding rollers of up to 115 mm in diameter and 100 mm working width (milled fleece wheels of up to 110 mm) – with the Eco Smart adapter, up to 150 mm working width.
6. Large grinding tool range for decorative surface finishing.
7. Shadow-free satin finishing, brushing, polishing of all metals (stainless steel to non-ferrous metals) to wood.
8. Very fine grinding on large surface areas thanks to the oscillating grinding movement.
9. The optional grinding belt roller allows use as a pipe grinder, even on closed pipe constructions.

Pipe Max 802 HT Basic Set Polishing Machine


1. Extremely powerful motor (1,750 W) and new HT (high torque) transmission mechanics for wear-resistant power transmission – made entirely in Germany.
2. Planetary gear provides maximum torque throughout the speed range (820 to 3,000 rpm, belt speed 4-14 m/sec) with a tacho-generator for constant speed, even under load.
3. Especially robust and kink-proof cable ensures long service life.
4. Homogeneous, uniform grinding and polishing results for all pipe diameters, large and small.
5. Patented gas pressure damping allows the grinding and polishing belts to fit around the pipes to maximum effect with no great effort.
6. New drive roller with replaceable rubber O rings guarantees no-slip belts running.
7. Contact wheel of soft polyurethane ensures particularly soft contact and constant elasticity. 8. The soft contact wheel also allows flat surfaces to be ground longitudinally, to remove spot welds and eliminate deep scratches, etc.
9. Quick, simple belt replacement.
10. Ideal belt guide thanks to the lateral stainless-steel flanges. No more adjustments required.
11. Balanced, multi-adjustable handle allows optimum adjustment to the job in hand.
12. Can be set up for right and left-handed use or for side and overhead work.
13. The belt unit of gravity die-cast Aluminium is particularly robust and resistant.

Rohr Sniper 802-HT Basic Polishing Machine


1. 360° PIPE MACHINING FROM A SINGLE POSITION. Revolution in pipe machining resulting from the new lever enclosure system. 2. Effective immediately, the newly developed planetary gear distributes traction across three additional gear wheels in a sophisticated arrangement. This makes transmission or electronics overload a thing of the past.
3. Significantly improved airflow technology with a turbo-fan, strongly enclosed rotor and field coil, and the new DUST PROTECT SYSTEM add up to a powerhouse in search of an equal. The new turbofan ensures heat dis-sipation, effectively preventing heat-related shutdowns, even during the heaviest grinding work with ceramic grinding discs. The new cooling mechanics allows airflows of up to 400 km/h, making its overload capacity unique.
4. NEW 1,750-WATT MOTOR – EVEN MORE POWER- A refined motor with very high power density and a number of new features ensures completely new standards of torque, productivity, and service life.
5. POWER TRANSMISSION WITH A PLANETARY GEAR- Newly designed transmission mechanics ensure wear-resistant power transmission despite the enormous gains in torque.


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