D Crown

Nickel D-Crowns are a Sulfur-depolarized form of our high purity electrolytic nickel crowns. They were developed for those electroplaters and electro formers who have a depolarized anode product. D-Crowns add to the versatility of the company product line and the typical Sulfur content of 220 PPM allows the product to be used over a wide range of operating conditions. Metallic impurity levels are consistently low. D-Crowns are hemispherical with a base diameter of approximately 22mm. Their form provides smooth flowing and easy handling characteristics. They dissolve smoothly and settle well in titanium baskets. Packaging is designed to simplify basket filling and increase operator efficiency.
D Crowns

Electrolytic Nichel

Electrolytic Nickel with an excellent thickness and dissolution properties, which makes it ideal material for mainstream electroplating industry such as the aerospace and automotive sectors. Corrosion resistance uses with sea water, marine hardware, power plant engines, nuclear plant parts (tubes, heat, exchangers, metal seals), ship propellers and electroplating of many consumer and industrial products usually with chromium final coatings (for corrosion resistance properties and decorative applications).

Nichel Chips

Purity : the purity of nickel chips is > 99.98% with its special shape, the nickel chips go down perfectly into the baskets, and are evenly distributed in the titanium baskets. Its shape prevents bridging information and ensures a constant anodic surface. It is safe to handle, having no sharp edge.

Chips are disc-like in shape, with a typical thickness of 4-6mm and diameter of 17-22mm, making this anode material suitable for plating from titanium baskets with standard mesh sizes.

Its advantages are:

· Consistent quality with purity above 99.98%

· Very competitive prices with a non-cut shape

· Great ease of filling titanium baskets

· Easy handling with small bags of 10 kg

· Filling fluidity: no bridge in baskets

· 100% nickel use, no waste

· Less current density required than electrolytic nickel, energy saving

Nichel chips
nickel tablet

Nichel Tablet

Nickel TABLET usage gives a positive result for the control of the coating thickness and obtaining a better surface in contract materials with unknown steel composition, possibly composed of different steels. The highest zinc coating is reached when the silicon in the steel is 0.04 to 0.12% this range is called the Sandelin Curve. It Increases bath flow. Minimizes local coating differences. Provides a homogeneous appearance.

Benefits :

  • Reactive Steels
  • Prevents high coating thicknesses
  • Prevents dark grey coatings
  • Prevents peeling of coating
  • Increase the coating homogeneity
  • Zinc saving from 5% to 15% in weight
  • Increase Coating ductility
  • Smoother and brighter surface finish.
  • Increase the fluidity of the Zn bath.
  • Aesthetical coating appearance


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