1. Paint stripper

Paint Remover strips all solvent based decorative and many industrial coating products. Used to strip previously painted/varnished wood, plaster and metal surfaces. Removes most catalyzed finishes. One of the major advantages of our chemical strippers, compared to other methods, is formulating versatility to remove even the most durable coating with little effect on metallic substrates.
Powder coating Stripper

2. Powder coating stripper

Industries serving aerospace, appliance industry, facades or architectural any other sector, if recoating or maintenance is required The chemical powder coating stripper that removes residues from steel, galvanized steel or aluminium substrates .Fast acting product can remove 100 micron of coating in 3-5 minutes.

3. Lacquer Stripper

Some times in metal finishing industry due to slight variation in colours or poor finish quality led to manufactured parts are stripped and recoated. Lacquer stripping is also used to precede maintenance refinishing for some products or to change the aesthetics.
Laquer Stripper
Metal Plating Stripper

4. Metal Plating stripper

Stripping may be required to allow for the re-plating of a part rejected due to defective finishing or as part of rework processes such as those commonly conducted by electroplating facilities. The basic chemical reaction conducted when stripping a metal is that of oxidation, i.e., the metal is converted from the zero valent state to a higher valent (ionic) state. Essentially, this is the reverse of the deposition process.
chrome plating stripper
Gold plating stripper


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