Specialty Chemicals

Specialty Chemicals

Specialty Chemicals

The specialty chemicals are those chemicals that are known to provide a wide spectrum of special effects that are desired by quite a lot of industries. They are also popularly referred to as ‘performance’ or ‘formulation’ chemicals. They’re created by unique molecules or a mixture of the same unique molecules. They are generated using batch processing techniques followed by processes like distillation, crystallization, drying, etc. These chemicals are used in many industries like Agricultural, Aerospace, Manufacturing, and Metallurgy.

Specialty Chemicals

Functional Metal Plating helps in effective prevention of corrosion that enhances and upgrades the conventional methods of coating. These elements are bonded together by the inorganic matrix. This metal plating has influenced and made workings better in the field of engineering practice. Functional metal plating is a thin film being applied to various metals. It is usually liquid and gets dried up easily. Functional Metal plating is aimed at corrosion resistance through inorganic mode.


Lubricants are substances that are most often organic in nature used to reduce friction between surfaces that are in close contact to effectively reduce heat production due to friction.

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Specialty Paints & Aerosols

Specialty paints are uniquely designed paints that serve a specific purpose like heat resistant paints, reflective paints, etc. Aerosols are highly pressurized sealed paints that operate on the opening a d closing of a manual valve.

Efficient Grease Removal for Enhanced Functionality

Cleaners & Degreasers

Degreasers are chemicals that are used to remove heavy dirt, dust, and oils from atop metals. Cleaners are specially designed metal impurity removers used to properly clean metals before processing.



Metals are chemical elements that show the property of malleability and ductility. Some metals also show strength and other characteristics like heat conduction, electric affinity, etc. Metals when freshly prepared show immense luster and shine phenomenally.


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