Pretreatment Chemicals

Pretreatment Chemicals

Pretreatment Chemicals

Pretreatment is the preparation of a feed, be it metal, before the actual reaction that needs to be carried out for enhancing the effects of the same reaction. For example, pretreatment, before metal stripping is carried out, involves the immersion of the object in an extremely hot aqueous/alkaline cleaner and then proceeding for cathodic activation in am electro cleaner. In electrocoating pretreatment, a metal is cleaned thoroughly removing specks of dust, rust, and oils for better electro-coated painting where a phosphate or other conversion coating could now be applied. Pretreatment for powder coating follows the same procedure for cleaning the metal layer as it is highly susceptible to atmospheric corrosion.
Effective Metal Pretreatment Solutions. #Pretreatment

Pretreatment Chemicals

Functional Metal Plating helps in effective prevention of corrosion that enhances and upgrades the conventional methods of coating. These elements are bonded together by the inorganic matrix. This metal plating has influenced and made workings better in the field of engineering practice. Functional metal plating is a thin film being applied to various metals. It is usually liquid and gets dried up easily. Functional Metal plating is aimed at corrosion resistance through inorganic mode.


Effective Metal Pretreatment Solutions. #Pretreatment

Manganese Phosphating

Manganese phosphate coatings used for corrosion protection, anti-galling and lubricity. Of the numerous phosphate coating available, manganese phosphate coatings are the hardest, while providing unbeatable corrosion and abrasion protection.

Zinc Phosphating

Phosphating is a treatment of steel, galvanized steel at elevated temperatures. Most frequently steel is exposed to the zinc phosphating process. The treatment of the items with phosphate produces fine phosphate crystals on the surface.

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Cleaners are used to prepare metals for pretreatment, powder coating and various other processes like electroplating galvanizing, etc. There are different types of cleaners depending on metal types like alkaline and neutral.

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It is the process of removing excess oxygen content during the manufacturing of steel. The procedure is carried out by adding substances with high oxygen affinity which bind with the gas released.

Effective Aluminum Chromating for Lasting Protection. #AluminumChromating

Aluminium Chromating

An aluminum coating is a type of conversion coating where the surface of the Aluminium object is oxidized using a chemical. This leads to the formation of a thin protective oxide layer known as the conversion layer.

Effective Metal Phosphating for Enhanced Bonding. #Phosphating


Phosphating refers to the process of creating a porous metal phosphate conversion layer to increase the adhesion of powder coating on steel surfaces.

Effective Rust Remover for Pristine Surfaces. #RustRemover

Rust Removers

Rust Removers are concentrated acids that work on the iron oxide layer formed on top of metal objects as a result of corrosion, by dissolving it completely.

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Rust Converters

Rust Converters are phosphoric mixtures that are applied on the iron oxide layer on metal surfaces and convert it into a protective black ferric phosphate.


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