Lubricants are organic substances that reduce friction between surfaces in mutual contact. These lubricants possess transmitting forces, transporting foreign particles or heating and cool surfaces. The friction caused reduces the heat generated by rubbing surfaces. There are various uses of lubricants in our daily life, like, oils used in kitchens or for bio-applications on humans, etc. Lubricants are prominently known for reducing friction and hence are used widely for smoothing and easing up the work. Oil can be synthetic, vegetable or mineral based as well as a combination of these


Cutting and Grinding practice is used in diverse areas of manufacturing and tool making. These processes are used for machining and suited for cutting larger chips with cutting tools. Compared to machining, it is usually easier and effective for shallow cuts and grinds. Cutting, grinding and finishing applications is a balance of numerous factors like choosing the right product and methods. There are various ways and means to select such right industrial oils and lubricants that help us in looking beyond the specific application and considering a bigger picture.


Our Industrial Oils & Lubricants

Soluble Cutting oil

Soluble cutting oil offers a constant emulsion keeping its long usage in mind. Soluble cutting oil prevents the rusting of tools and products.

Neat Cutting Oil

Neat cutting oils are straight oils that are premium refined liquids and are based on mineral oils. These are used for cutting and machining operations and its metalworking applications.

Transformer Oil

Transformer oil also known as insulating oil is constant at high temperatures and are great insulators of electricity. Fluorescent lamp ballasts is one such example of transformer oil

Hydraulic oil

Hydraulic oil is a fluid generally consisting of other fluids like plain water or saltwater solution. These are used in hydraulic brakes, aircraft flight control systems and industrial pieces of machinery.

Industrial Gear Oil

It is extreme pressure and high load carrying oil that is highly suitable for agricultural activities, commercial applications, and Industries. These protect and nurture the equipment's durability.

Rust Preventive oil

Rust preventive oil is used for coating or wrapping components. These are used for short term usage and protection of metal and are used as flushing oil for internal protection of engines and machines.

Gear Oil

Gear oil is very smooth and super slippery oil. It can almost lubricant anything and works on plastics, locks, and guns This type of oil is made with silicon, oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen.


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