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Finishing Belts

Finishing Belts

Finishing constitutes a very broad range yet essential part of multiple industrial processes. The finishing belt is one of the key types of equipment that support the finishing process. It is a belt that is finely coated in abrasive material. The finishing belt in this process is run over the surface that is to be finished/ processed to facilitate removal of a certain material or for attaining the desired luster and finish on the surface.
abrasive finishing belts

Abrasive Sanding Belts

Polishing and buffing are types of finishing process undertaken to smoothen up the surfaces of different metals. An abrasive belt, work wheel or leather strap is used for polishing purpose. Technically, it refers to processes that make use of abrasives which are glued to the work wheel. Buffing, on the other hand, makes use of loose abrasive applied to the work wheel being used. Buffs refer to rubbing objects that usually made up of metal using a soft, dry cloth to make them shine.

abrasive finishing belts
3m trizact abrasive belts

Trizact Abrasive belts

Trizact belts are structured and abrasive used to get consistent finishes and higher type of cut. They provide long-lasting sharpening effect.

Felt Belt

Felt Abrasive belts

First-rate merino felt belts, continuous throughout with no joins. For a rapid mirror fi nish using polishing pastes and creams and no scratches or smears. Always use a separate felt belt for each paste and cream as it is important to not mix different grit sizes.


Surface Conditioning Belts

The surface conditioning belts are used for their commendable aggressive yet not gouging effects of the target surface. They can also be used on conventional belt machines and for deburring.


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