Chemicals are perceived as the most complex yet essential commodities that are involved in almost every minute functioning of our lives. Whether you start your day with toothpaste or end it with a night cream, each component is made up of fixed chemical composition. Being the prime factor for any type of industry, our Dubai chemical company helps you to convert raw material into the desired product. Be it using preservatives in food or saving lives with pharmaceuticals, each item has a definite chemical composition. From the simplest atom to the most complex compositions, chemicals are used in innumerable counts by various segments of industries and personal usage.



Industrial Chemicals

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Looking at the advancement of the chemical industry, methods like bioengineering and mutation have led to deep researches in the sector of the chemical industry.
Whatever we eat, drink, wear or ingest is made up of chemicals. There are so many things that skip our eye but have an impact on our lives.

Coming to the most important usage of chemicals, in the industrial activities, innumerable processes and techniques have to be applied over metals using chemicals to aid their usability and changes in chemical composition for making them favorable to execute activities for different industrial requirements. Without treatment, metals are generally not ready to be used in the industries that have varied requirements from them; thereby running the metals through different chemical and electrochemical process becomes essential.

Being as a leading chemical supplier in UAE, we take into diligent account all the needs of chemical operations and chemicals to be amalgamated with metallic uses and industrial applications to provide corrosion free, high in resistance, durable and decoratively alluring pieces by applying chemical and electro-chemical processes on the substrates.



Electroplating, often referred to as electro-deposition, is a chemical process that lays its utmost sense of essentiality in the industrial


General metal finishing is one of the most essential industrial applications of the Electroplating process. Metal finishing, in general,


General metal finishing is one of the most essential industrial applications of the Electroplating process. Metal finishing, in general,


Metal coloring is the usage of chemical solutions to impart different colors onto the metal surface. Metal coloring is a


The specialty chemicals are those chemicals that are known to provide a wide spectrum of special effects that are desired by quite a lot of industries.


Hot-dip Galvanising is the process of immersing a steel or iron piece of metal in the molten zinc bath and heating it at 449° C


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