Hot dip galvanizing chemicals

1. Acid Degreaser

In hot dip galvanizing products, we have two different acid based degreasing products for use in hot-dip galvanizing. In acidic degreaser profile customer can choose between phosphoric acid based or hydrochloric acid-based products.
1. Acid Degreaser MSP
2. Acid Degreaser MSH
Enhance Durability with Expert Galvanized Coatings

2. Alkaline degreaser

In hot dip galvanizing products, we have many different products in alkaline based degreasing products for use in hot-dip galvanizing. In alkaline degreaser profile customer can select products based on soil, scale and oils on steel.

1. Toughclean K 200
2. Toughclean DS

3. Galvanizing fluxes

The pre flux protects the work from further oxidation, thus resulting in prepared surface for galvanizing.

Galvanizing fluxes are formulated for accelerated speed, minimal fuming, less ash for uniform zinc coats. It is in solid and solution form which is used in the coating of tube, pipe, wire, small parts such as bolts and nuts, fencing in many parts. Flux is formation of high quality, adherent galvanized coating. It is a combination of organic and inorganic based surfactant, additives with wetting agents and salts of zinc ammonium chloride.

1. Water flux (a) Galvaflux R (b) Galvaflux Ni

2. Blanket flux (a) Galvaflux BL

Galvanizing Fluxes: Enhancing Metal Coating for Durability and Performance
Enhance Durability with Expert Galvanized Coatings

4. Acid Inhibitor (Fume suppressant)

Acid inhibitor minimizes the undue acid attack on the steel surface during pickling. Inhibitor ensures undesired metal dissolution in acid hence less acid point drop. Use of inhibitors gives smooth and uniform pickled surface. The product is formulated with blend of polymers surfactants. It has wide temperature ranges from room to 70°C.

1. Inhibitor.
2. Inhibitor plus.

5. Passivation

Passivation is done after galvanization of steel. Passivation solution contains special additives which avoids white rust on galvanized steel,

A.Trivalent Chrome Passivation

1.Tripass 402.
2.Tripass 100

B.Chrome free Passivation

1.Ramoline CF 21
2.Ramoline CF 13
stainless steel turning parts
ANI METAL - Nickel Tablets

6. Nickel Tablets

Nickel in galvanizing is effective in hot dip galvanizing of silicon containing steels. Nickel has an effect on the Zn-Fe reaction. Nickel tablets have successfully been used in many plants all over the world. It is an easy and cost-effective way to maintain Nickel in the Zinc kettle. Ideal product to reduce your monthly consumption of Zinc. It improves the appearance of galvanizing items and results in smoother and brighter surface finish.

7. Basic Chemicals

  • Zinc Chloride
  • Ammonium Chloride
  • Liquor Ammonia
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Glycerin.

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