Liquid paste compositions are available to suit all applications from rough polishing to mirror finishing on all base materials from metals to plastic and wood. Osborn Lippert India also offers liquid compositions suitable for low and high pressure spray systems requiring special high viscosity compositions.

LU 2151 For heavy stock removal and prepolishing of ferrous alloys LU 2161 For prepolishing of ferrous alloys LU 2208 For medium duty stock removal and prepolishing of non ferrous alloys LU 2358 Final finishing for S.S., M.S. and non ferrous alloys and bright (White Tinge) mirror finish Coldax Cement -Cold setting cementatious adhesive which needs n. o Members of Jason Finishing Group Tampico Fibre Brush: Sink processing, cups and trophy finishing and  holloware polishing. pre heating or curing. Used for loading optimum emery on bobbing wheels