Cool Air

  • Specially designed for manual operations
  • Pots and pans finishing
  • Sanitary fittings finishing
  • Car parts
  • Builders hardware processing















Material Cloth or Sisal Cord
Outside dia. (mm) 200   250   300   350
Bore dia. (mm) Pilot Bore ,Round (25 mm,36 mm,38 mm) Hex 19 mm, Hex32 m
Width/Section 01 Section (12.5 mm), 2 Section (25 mm), 3 Section(40 mm
Fastener Card Board stapled to reduce bore
Std.cloth  CGX, CAX, CBX, CCX, CHX (Stiff), CDX, CHXY, CCX-Y, WDR, POLY 
Density 1J, 2J